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Clear focus on B2B business models: Munich-based company builder Finconomy AG launched

Finconomy AG, 19.10.2017

  • Positioned as independent partner for established financial services firms
  • Started with three portfolio companies and significant track record
  • Systematic company building approach for continuing growth and attracting talent

After several months in ‚stealth mode‘ Germany’s first fintech and insurtech company builder with clear B2B focus was launched today.

Finconomy AG was founded with the objective to fundamentally change how people experience financial services in the future. Following a cooperative approach, Finconomy AG believes that established financial services firms need a strong partner to master the challenges of digitalization. As a long-standing partner to many of these firms, Finconomy AG is an ideal partner for insurance companies, banks, independent financial distributors, wealth managers as well as other fintechs.

“Not losing the connection to the customer is of utmost importance to many established players”, says Reinhard Tahedl, Finconomy AG CEO and Managing Director. “Therefore it is crucial to pull the right levers in your digital strategy. A strong and innovative partner for achieving this is priceless.” Tahedl adds “We believe in the model of a hybrid customer, i.e. clients who value both digital solutions and personal advice. This model immediately suggests cooperation between established and new players”.

The three portfolio companies – fundsaccess, treefin and BANKSapi – demonstrate Finconomy AG’s capability to found and scale successful and sustainable business models. The recent majority takeover of treefin by the German insurance firm ‚Wüstenrot & Württembergische Group‘ further enables Finconomy AG to industrialize the process of founding new ventures.

Both at the company builder and the three ventures, long-term industry expertise, excellent IT capabilities and operational excellence come together. Finconomy AG’s structured approach allows for a significant increase in the success rate of new ventures.

Long-standing client relationships (AXA, Gothaer, Swiss Life, JDC Group) clearly differentiate Finconomy AG from other ‘startup factories’ and early-stage financial investors. Furthermore, a track record of more than 1 million accounts and more than 44 billion Euro assets under control demonstrate Finconomy AG’s capability to serve large clients and volumes.

The current portfolio comprises three independent ventures and will be complemented by an additional start-up in the beginning of 2018. The company builder represents the hub for new ideas and the attraction for talent – not only for agile high potentials, but also experienced entrepreneurs and seasoned industry experts.

About Finconomy AG:
Finconomy AG fundamentally changes how we experience financial services in the future. Finconomy AG is a company builder, rather than just a financial investor. We support our ventures throughout every stage of the growth process. Finconomy AG specializes in the B2B segment, as an ideal partner for insurance companies, banks, independent financial distributors, wealth managers and fintechs. With our ventures we create the leading ecosystem for technology-driven business models.

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